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The Columbia VP&S Human Rights Initiative uses 100% of donor funds to support Asylum Clinic activities, physician and student training, and human rights-focused student events at Columbia. All board members, clinicians, and students are volunteers and do not receive payment.

We thank you for your ongoing support, without which HRI and the Asylum Clinic could not function.

Donations to HRI are tax-deductible.

How to donate

  1. Visit the Giving to Columbia website.
  2. In the field “Search Columbia funds”, look for “P&S Club Fund“.
  3. Select a gift amount and gift type (one-time or recurring).
  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Under “Special Instructions”, make a note that you would like your donation to go to the “Human Rights Initiative/Asylum Clinic”.
  6. Enter your payment information and complete the process.

Thank you for your support!

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